Saturday, August 23, 2008

Neutra's Maxwell House Relocated

Neutra's Movin' on Up (To the East Side), to a Deluxe Parcel in Angeleno Heights

There was a great article in today's L.A. Times regarding Richard Neutra's Maxwell House being moved from Brentwood to Angeleno Heights. Having lamented several Neutra houses that have met the all-too-common fate of the wrecking ball, it was inspiring to read about the strong collaboration between the public and private sectors in order to save such a great example of Neutra's residential work. While it is troubling, at times, to see a structure such as this one removed from its original location -- location being an important component of the architecture's over-all design -- at least the house will live on to see another day. Read about the move here and see the images here.

Maxwell House (1941) in Brentwood, CA, Richard Neutra