Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Power 100 from ArtReview.com

She Blinded Me With Science!!!

L.A. Times arts writer, Suzanne Muchnic, posted a brief mention of The Power 100 list from ArtReview.com on The Times' Culture Monster blog. Cutting to the chase, the top slot went to Damien Hirst and his company, Science Ltd. When he's not playing around with livestock and formaldehyde, he's probably dabbling in bling that would make Liberace hyperventilate. Yes, I'm talking about For The Love of God, the life-size platinum skull set with 8,601 high-quality diamonds. While we can discuss whether or not he should have been number one or not, there was someone else on the list that made me cringe -- THOMAS KINKADE?!?! Who includes Thomas Kinkade on a list like this? Sure, he came in dead last at # 100, but I feel that ArtReview really missed the mark on this one. Well, I guess there is something to be said about the strong lobbying power of the AARP!

Damien Hirst
For The Love of God, 2007